Karlophone est américain et a sorti un album très réussi "Press Any Key To Begin" qui se situe entre Dj Shadow
et de l'abstract collage. Il est aussi vidéaste et archiviste-chef des Weezer. C'est un type gentiment fou comme
on les aime. Plus d'infos sur www.karlophone.com

Little Boy Blue Little Buck
Little Buck was later known as Buckwheat Zydeco. This song is from the raw soul scene of New Orleans, and only exists on a rare 45. I heard a bit of it on the 'product placement' mix and had to find the whole song! His voice is so gripping, it almost makes me cry! Of course, the devastating open drums in the beginning are awesome.

White Man In Hammersmith Palais The Clash 
The Clash was my first 'favorite band', my worship of them came in '82, i was only 13 but knew this was it. I love all of their music more than anything, but if i had to pick one song, it would be this one.

Johnny Too Bad The Slickers 
From the "The Harder They Come" soundtrack. I am a huge fan of Ska, rock stready and reggae up to about '83, I could choose 100 songs from these styles that are all incredible, but this ones a fave because of the intense bass tone, the roughneck tragedy + sadness if the lyrics, and the casual cool bounce of the track, that like all the best reggae, somehow perfectly combine in one song.

Gut Feeling Devo 
Devo was another of my early favorites. This song is from their flawess first album. It builds like a storm and then explodes!

Thirteen Big Star
A total american classic. All Big Star is great.

Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt DJ Shadow
This song completely freaked me out, it was like for the first time i wanted to dissect a song and figure out how it was done. It, and the whole 'endtroducing' album, was very influential on my own interest in creating music.

Last Kind Word Blues Geeschie Wiley
A very old and rare blues tune that was forgotten until its appearance in the "Crumb" documentary soundtrack. So haunting, scary. Its like looking through a window back into time, back into the weird old days in America.

Riverman Nick Drake
So beautiful! Nicks voice is about as haunting as you can get, especially for a kid in rural England in the early 70's who would kill himself before he hit 25.

Les Fleur Minnie Riperton
One of those great songs with the great combo of a huge sample source, as well as being just a great song overall. The massive orchestral soul of the Charles Stepney production is undeniable. Minnie's daughter is Maya Rudolph, who is now a comedian on Saturday Night Live, and a great vocalist in her own right. It actually says "Les Fleur" on the record, even though thats incorrect French and should be... Le Fleur (??)

Footprints On The Moon The Johnny Harris Orchestra
Johnny Harris did a lot of spooky, semi-funky soundtrack work in the 60s and 70s, and this song is my all time fave of his. I love the production! The sheer feeling of drama is like nothing else i can think of. the descending passage at the end that dissolves into the heavy vibrato insanity is just amazing.

I’d Rather Go Blind Etta James
Amazing Chess production, devastating preformance of Etta at her peak, gut wrenchingly sad lyrics and delivery... a total soul music masterpiece.